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Commercial Lease Agreement

1. In the table below, enter the information specific to your commercial property lease.
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3. Immediately print out the cusomized lease agreement.
4. Sign the document and breathe of sigh of relief--you have your lease agreement in writing!

Enter the Property owner's (lessor) name:
Enter the lessor's street address:
Enter the lessor's city:
Select the lessor's state:
Enter the lessor's zip code:
Enter the name of the person or entity leasing the property from the lessor:
Enter the lessee's street address:
Enter the lessee's city:
Select the lessee's state:
Enter the lessee's zip code:
Enter the street address of the commercial property:
Enter the city of the commercial property:
Enter the county of the commercial property:
Select the state of the commercial property:
Enter the lease commencement date  in this format (mm/dd/yyyy):
Enter the term of the lease as a number of months:
Use Numerals  months  
Enter the monthly rent for the commercial property:
(Exclude The Dollar Sign) $
Include a provision requiring  to prepay the last month's rent?
Include a provision requiring the lessee to prepay a cleaning deposit?
Enter the amount of the cleaning deposit required: (Exclude The Dollar Sign)

Describe how the lessee will use the property:
Begin your description with the word "To" and be precise. Here are some examples: "To operate a wholesale distribution center" or "To operate a dental practice."

Include a provision giving the lessee the option to renew the lease?
Select the number of additional renewal terms the lessee will have:
How many months will each renewal term be?  months
Choose whether the rent in renewal terms will be predetermined or fair market value.
Enter your special provisions here: